BE A VOICE! It all begins with a roof over their head. image

BE A VOICE! It all begins with a roof over their head.

Donate now and change the story.



"Inherently, having privilege isn't bad, but it's how you use it, and you have to use it in service of other people."

- Tarana Burke, #metoo Movement Founder

Sarah Young, an 18-year old from the Northwest Technical Center (NWTC) spent this last year doing just what Tarana Burke is talking about - serving others. NWTC students are required to do on-job placements in their chosen field (Sara's is human services), and Sara came to work with Voices. Sara became our boots on the ground to change the story. She did so by launching a campaign at Bellows Free Academy where students pledged to be a voice to end sexual violence. Sara is a voice. Bellows Free Academy students are a voice.

Please join Sara and answer Tarana Burke's call to "use your privilege in service of others."

Last year, 1,000 students, professionals and community members engaged in our school programs and professional trainings. 495 supervised visits between parents and children were made possible. 797 hotline calls were answers. 64 people (36 women and 28 children) were provided safety and support in Laurie's House, and yet...

We received 92 calls for shelter that we were unable to accommodate due to full capacity.

The need is great. Be a voice.