Keep your neighbors in need warm this winter.

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Your support warms homes and strengthens our community.

"My gosh - I can't believe this is happening. I am still absorbing it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is huge. My home. I can be warm in my home. This means the world to me."

What happens when you are 1% over the eligibility limit?You need help and help is so close but the edge of the cliff is crumbling underneath you.

She had come to our office ten years ago and needed help paying for fuel.Year after year the cold of winter brought her back. She just didn't have enough money to get her through the cold times. That is one face of poverty. After obtaining a new, higher paying job fuel assistance wasn't necessary. We hadn't seen her for the last five years. However this year, she became ill and a little bit later her child became ill. She still had her job but was on unpaid medical leave.Her new position held future security.It didn't pay the present bills. She came to our Community Action Office one more time. Just dollars over the income limit she was ineligible. That is where Warmth funding took over. We have the flexibility to extend the limit in certain circumstances and this was one. She came crying and shaking, not from cold but from fear. She left with a certain amount of peace.