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Give today and commit to a just society...


We support community members to bridge gaps and build futures.

"I've been in contact with your office, working to get my housing stabilized and my rent paid during a medical crisis. Every person I met in your organization treated me with kindness, dignity and respect."

Last year CVOEO served 23,158 people. Over 4,453 of that number were children under the age of 13. 2,011 of that number were people 65 years of age or older. 1,341 of that number were homeless. 3,418 of that number were races other than Caucasian. 2,486 of that number had post-secondary education. We are all in these numbers.

We see all the extremes and all the individuals and families in between. Some need fuel for the winter. Some need their homes weatherized, eliminating dependence on crisis fuel assistance. Some need food for today, and some are learning to cook to feed their families and our community. Some need to learn how to budget, and to improve their credit scores. And some are giving back.

Your support makes our communities stronger and people healthier. We're grateful.