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Addison Gift of Hope Campaign

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Addison Gift of Hope Campaign

Join us in providing hope for our neighbors in Addison County. Your support allows us to reach more people experiencing hunger and strengthens our holistic approach to serving individuals, families, and communities.

“You have given me hope!” That is how a recent conversation ended with a client. We were unable to resolve her dilemma in that moment, but we took time to listen and learn what the need was. Several days later in another conversation with the same client, we were able to offer more than moral support. We made a connection that enabled us to match the need with concrete assistance.

What is the need? Sometimes the answer to that question is obvious and can immediately be addressed. Sometimes the answer requires time, patience, collaboration, and creativity. In a recent “Needs Assessment” conducted by our organization, the issue of food access rose to the top. We know that food pantries are essential in addressing hunger, but we learned that many of our Addison County neighbors are unable to get to those pantries. Health concerns, work schedules, or challenges with transportation are some of the barriers people struggle to overcome. Thus the “Food Access Network” was born.

The Food Access Network utilizes online ordering software, mobile markets, and increased deliveries to expand food access. We are developing infrastructure, including warehousing and fulfillment centers, as well as internal partnerships, to ensure the long-term success of the Food Access Network.

You make it possible for us to offer hope – in our listening, our learning, and our commitment to providing programs like our Food Pantry, where people come to us, and the Food Access Network, where we meet people where they are.

Your support goes to work right now to meet the needs of our neighbors. Together, we can give the gift of hope.